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The Arnold Dental Centre, Nottingham

The Arnold Dental Centre, based in Arnold, Nottingham, want you to have a comfortable, relaxing experience at the dentist with our friendly and experienced team of dentists, nurses and receptionists. Our established team are always delighted to welcome new faces and provide a variety of treatments, including facial aesthetics. Our Arnold Dental Practice has been given a clean bill of health by government health watchdogs, the Care Quality Commission and our team is also registered with the General Dental Council!

How do Invisalign Clear Braces work?

When we think of braces, we automatically think of the clunky, metal braces that have long been the traditional form of straightening crooked teeth during your teenage years. However, recent years have seen a new solution come to light, in the form of clear braces. As one of the most renowned manufacturers of clear braces, Invisalign specialise in teeth straightening solutions that are not only extremely comfortable, but also much nicer on the eye.

What are Invisalign Clear Braces?
Invisalign produce a clear brace system in order to straighten teeth, with the clear aligners almost invisible. These Invisalign braces are a very effective way of straightening your teeth, whilst also allowing you to keep your treatment discrete. If you have concerns regarding your appearance with braces, then Invisalign certainly has the perfect solution for you.

The clear braces should be worn for at least 20 hours per day, with the aligner's custom made to fit your teeth. The aligners will be changed every 2 weeks, helping to guide your teeth into a better position in the most effective way possible. The Invisalign braces can lead to straighter teeth in up to 12 months, depending on individual cases, however this is a much shorter treatment time when compared to more traditional alternatives.

Treating Dental Issues with Invisalign
Invisalign is a very effective treatment, and is perfect for treating a number of dental problems that you might be suffering from. Dental issues such as overbites, underbites, gapped teeth, crowded teeth can be fixed with the Invisalign teeth-straightening system, ensuring that not only do you have straight teeth, but you can also be sure that further problems will not develop.

Many of the dental issue mentioned above can sometimes lead to further problems, such as disease, joint problems, jaw stress and much more. These problems can be an ongoing source of discomfort, and so fixing your dental issues early with Invisalign can ensure that they don't become something for you to be concerned about.

Maintaining your Invisalign Braces
Whenever you eat, drink or brush your teeth, you should always ensure that you remove your aligners, so that you can keep them in the best condition. As the clear braces are plastic, there is a possibility that heat could cause them to lose their shape and therefore be less effective.

As well as this, you should always maintain a healthy mouth, with healthy teeth and gums, especially after eating food. Some food can often get stuck in your teeth when you eat, so before putting your braces back on, you should always brush your teeth.

If you think Invisalign braces might be for you, or you want to book a consultation, get in touch with us on 0115 9200571.

All about dermal fillers

Have you noticed how good your friends are looking recently? Perhaps they appear more rested than you and certainly younger than their years? Let us reassure you, there's no over-the-counter product they're buying that can reverse the ageing process. It's more than likely they've had a cosmetic treatment.

Millions of cosmetic treatments are performed all over the world, every year and those who have had them are then so pleased with the results, they return for top-ups every few months to prolong their refreshed looks. Dermal fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the country. It can help you turn back the clock in a safe way and make a real difference to the confidence you have in your appearance.

Whether you simply want to tone down those dark circles under your eyes, or firm up a jawline upon which gravity has taken its toll, dermal fillers can help. You'll look younger in a natural way.

Where do they treat?

Predominantly used on the lower face, dermal fillers can push out the creases that form from the nostrils to the lips, as well as those that run from the corner of the lips to the chin. They will firm up a jawline and make your lips look younger and more luscious. Collagen-weak areas of the skin, such as under the eyes and around the cheeks can be volumised, with the skin being made to look more youthfully plump.

In addition to all of this, face fillers can also subtly alter the shape of your features. Always fancied getting a nose job, but the implications of having surgery has put you off? Fillers can correct a number of nose problems, such as the angle, a drooping nose tip and problems that have occurred at the bridge of the nose. A straighter, cuter nose is yours for the taking when you consider dermal fillers.

What are fillers made of?

Fillers consist of hyaluronic acid gels; a natural substance which takes in water under the skin and then expands to exert pressure above. This gives the skin a volumised look. They are applied via injection by a trained aesthetics practitioner during a treatment session that shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes. The results are immediate and should last for up to 6 months, although your practitioner will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of how long you should retain your new look. Afterwards, there'll be minimal downtime. Many clients return to work straight away, eager to show off their new look.

If you're keen to combat the ageing process and make a very real, but very subtle difference to your appearance, please get in touch with the Arnold Dental team. We can book you in for a consultation and create a bespoke treatment plan that is designed to enhance your very individual looks. Our practitioners will be keen to meet you in person in order to provide you with a personal assessment. Please get in touch to find out more.

Are dental implants worth it?

The million-dollar question! All things considered, and all things weighed up equally... Are dental implants worth it? Well, we as dentists believe they are because of their health benefits, but do they really offer so many perks to those wearing dentures or just making do with a missing tooth? Let's find out if dental implants are worth it.

Dental implants are long-lasting
Dental implants are definitely worth the investment if you're seeking to replace a missing tooth with a treatment option that could last for the rest of your life. Dental implants are made of strong materials like porcelain and rooted titanium, so they are sturdy and strong. With the correct care, they could last you the rest of your lifetime without the need for replacing components or the fussy maintenance of dentures. We find that a lot of patients are enamoured with how reliable they are, and how many doors they open into a more relaxed lifestyle.

Dental implants are fitted and permanent
Dental implants are intended and fitted to be permanent. Because their titanium root invites the jawbone to heal around it, they form an incredibly strong foundation in your jaw. They don't budge, dislodge, or come loose when eating, chewing, talking, or laughing. A lot of patients find this kind of long-term security very attractive, especially when considered above their dentures. No more securing your full or partial denture with strange-tasting glue, hastily refitting them after they dislodge during a social occasion, or overnight soaks and cleaning when you replace them with a dental implant!

Dental implants could improve your quality of life
With a fixed and permanent tooth replacement, many patients find they don't need to worry about the embarrassing occurrences associated with dentures. With a new-found confidence, you won't need to limit your diet and cater to your dentures anymore with small morsels of non-offensive food. Dental implants are definitely worth it when considering that not only could they have many health benefits, but they could also improve your quality of life, relationships, and social confidence.

Dental implants keep your jawbone healthy
We touched on this point in one of our previous blog posts, so we'll just quickly summarise. Each tooth has a root that feeds into the jawbone. This root tells the jawbone that the tooth is still there, and its strength is still needed, so when you lose a tooth these signals stop. This leads that one area of jawbone to become weak, threatening the rest of the area's teeth and bone but also softening your facial structure. However, here's the kicker. If you notice the bone resorption and decide you'd like a dental implant(s) in that area after all, you might require more preparation and bone grafting than if you'd opted for a dental implant as soon as you had the gap. Dental implants aren't just worth it to fill a gap, but they're worth it to continue to promote your jawbone health lest you live to regret it and have to undertake extra steps not previously entertained.

So, I guess you could say that we think dental implants in Nottingham are worth it! With extra confidence, better chances at improved dental health, and implant dentist experts to help you with your treatment journey, there's never been a better time to replace missing teeth with Arnold Dental. Enquire online or speak to a member of the team on 0115 9200571 to book your initial implant consultation today!


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